Sunday, September 23, 2012

Multilingual Living

Multilingual Living is the name of the blog where I posted my comment. Founded by Corey Heller in 2004, I found it very interesting because it is oriented to provide some advice, support, and different tools to parents that are raising children in more than one language. In other words, Multilingual Living is kind of a guide to multilingual families. Apart from the resources that we can find in this blog, as language books, activities or interviews, there is also a digital magazine available (not for free). The post that I commented talks about some of the reasons that many people give to justify that they don't want to learn a second language. The author actually gives us a list of the Top ten excuses for not learning a foreign language. I found this post very interesting because, although I´m studying a TESOL degree, I sometimes used some of these excuses when I was younger and I was not so sure of learning a foreign language. At the end of the post, the author asks the viewers of the blog to add more ideas to his Top ten List, and that is what I did through my comment on his post.

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  1. I think your comment that Some people are not interested in learning a language from a territory or country whose culture has characteristics totally opposed to their own. In some cases, we tend to underestimate anything that is different from what we are accustomed, was a very insightful one. Since the author of this blog seems to reply to many of the comments on her posts, I hope she will also reply to yours.